Kenya: Lake Bogoria NP – Flamingoes in Tens of Thousands

Lake Bogoria is shallower compared to other Rift Valley lakes, it also is at a much lower elevation and in a very hot desert environment. As such, evaporation actually meant that all the rising water level had a lesser effect of the water’s salinity and alkalinity than at the other lakes. The lake waters still contain very large concentrations of Na+, HCO3- and CO32- ions thanks to the hot springs spewing this semi-toxic stuff. This means – green cyanobacteria still grow and – over 10,000 flamingoes are still here! It’s a spectacular site to see a sea of pink of the lesser flamingoes. Closer to the shoreline, there were smaller groups of the greater flamingoes as well – much bigger birds than their relative. And seeing them take off in flight all together was even more dramatic as the bright pink of the underwings was revealed.