Kenya: Masai Mara – Mara Legends Safari Camp

In the heart of Masai Mara Preserve, we stayed at the Mara Legends Safari Camp. And it was totally awesome, as we were the only people here and the staff (all Maasai) really rolled out the ultimate in hospitality, even cooking a traditional Maasai meat in a ceremony on open fire with singing and dancing (best beef ever!). The location is deep in the Maasai Mara, and getting here is an adventure, including getting stuck on muddy dirt roads (no a problem when you have a driver who could probably win Paris-Dakar rally). The safari tenants looks simple on the outside, but are luxurious inside. The hippos scream all night long and then also come out and walk around the camp (you are not allowed to walk alone at night). And the lions are growling probably a few hundred meters away.