Kiritimati: Bonefish Flyfishing

Kiritimati is not known as a tourist destination, in fact, there is zero tourist infrastructure whatsoever. No resorts, no hotels, no restaurants per se, no tour agencies, no guides, no anything tourism related….. except bonefish flyfishing. A couple very basic fishing lodges lure hardcore bonefish enthusiasts mostly from USA for some of the most ultimate bonefish fly fishing in the world. Bonefish are highly sought-after gamefish known for their speed, strength, and elusive nature. Kiritimati is the largest coral atoll in the world and the expanse of salt flats favored for bonefish is just massive – literally as far as the eyes can see. Bonefish are highly praised for their fighting and speed (up to 64 kmh). You spend countless hours in the water knee-deep on salt flats and shallows, casting your light bonefish rods after sighting the silvery bonefish in the water. They bite quite often and fight like hell, but reeling one in successfully is not that easy, especially for novices. That being said, we were quite lucky and reeled in half a dozen of not more on our first attempt of bonefish flyfishing. The landscapes surrounding you are totally surreal on Kiritimati – almost fluorescent light blue colored water and sandy shallows.