Lebanon: Lebanese Food Recap

The food in Lebanon is truly fantastic and you totally get hooked on raw minced meat. Take cheekpeas, add olive oils, throw in some lamb, and yogurt and you probably can describe 80% of Lebanese dishes. One of the more bizarre dishes (if you want more extreme then raw meat) was Assafir tiyyan – grilled figbird in pomegranate molasses – these are tiny 1/3 of a sparrow-sized wild birds that are grilled and eaten whole. Also incredible were lamb stihas – square pastries with lamb meat – a Bekaa valley specialty. And definitely need to highlight Lakkis Farm restraints – it’s a chain of 4 restaurant, 3 in Belaa Valley and 1 in Beirut, that have the freshest farm to table menu imaginable – coils probably spend a week just eating here.