Lord Howe Island: Malabar Hill Hike

One of the most spectacular hikes on Lord Howe Island is the Malabar Hill. It rises 282m/683ft above sea level, and you start the hike from the actual sea level! It steep going uphill and on the ridge rising to the top of the Malabar Hill. The hill then drops vertically in what is known Malabar Cliffs – all the vertical way to the ocean. Just offshore lie Admiralty Islands. The islands and the Malabar Cliffs are home to many bird colonies including sooty terns (see earlier post) and the much rarer and bigger red-tailed tropic birds. I spend nearly two hours on top of Malabar Hill watching the birds fly by and standing at the very edge of the cliffs (warning – don’t watch the video if you are afraid of heights). The views away from the cliffs are equally stunning – you can see the entire island! And as a cherry on top at the end – I found a nesting tropic bird on the cliff!.