Macquarie Island: Macquarie Island Flora

Macquarie Island flora is unique and unlike anything else on earth! Macquarie Island cabbage grow to a height of 1.5 meters, and is the most representative species of the so-called megaherbs of the sub-antarctic region. Another common species is the pleurophyllum (aka the Macquarie daisy), which has waxy furry leaves and blooms with red flowers once in every two or three years (and once again I was lucky as this is the year it blooms). Another abundant species is the tussock grass which covers massive amounts of land on the island, and has fully recovered once all the rabbits were finally eliminated. And there are a lot of small ferns and lichen and mosses and tiny cushion plants on the coastal rocks. A lot of coastline is covered by the Antarctic bull kelp which grows to several meters in length!