Malaysia/Sarawak: Mulu NP – Canopy Walk

The canopy walk in the Mulu National Park – Mulu Skywalk – This is the worlds longest canopy walkway at 480 meters long, suspended 30 m up in the air above the jungle forest floor. It’s wet, wild, and amazing. It’s basically wooden planks tied together and suspended high high high above the floor going from one giant tree to another. Not for those with fear of heights! It feels and sounds very wobbly, only two people are allowed to be on any suspended section at any given time. Takes about 2 hours to complete going from a tree to a tree. Most of the trees are just massive and rising above the canopy, birds eat their weird fruits. Most of these trees belong to dyptipcarp family and are common in Borneo. They flower only once at random in 5-10 years when the entire forest just explodes with color and millions of fruits that have wings attached to them are produced.