Maldives: H2O Underwater Restaurant

There are seven restaurants around the world that are offering dining experience beneath the sea level of a real ocean. Five of them are located in Maldives, one in Fiji and one in Norway. And there are about half dozen restaurants located underneath aquariums in malls in UAE or amusement parks in the USA, i.e. total fake crap). You & Me Resort by Cocoon has its own internationally-acclaimed underwater restaurant – H2O by Chef Andrea Berton. There are only nine tables and the dining room is fully submerged with a reef slowly growing around the fully 360 panoramic windows, even sharks swim by once in a while. The restaurant is Italian and seafood fusion. The menu changes weekly or even more often, and the meal consists of a series of dishes (one smaller then the other and served on giant plates, as is typical for Michelin-style gourmet restaurant – just one bite of a tease, and it’s over). But you can’t even focus on the food much – there is action right in front of your eyes, with dozen and dozens of tropical colorful fish putting up the show.