Maldives: Sunset Fishing at You & Me Resort

With most people coming to Maldives to do nothing else but bake in the sun, we got super lucky to have a private sunset fishing tour (nobody else wanted to go). Instead of a large slow boat that usually takes people fishing, we got a small quick vessel and two fishing guides. And fishing was insane! Red snapper and white snapper just kept on biting nonstop, we were pulling one fish after another. And by the end – even a massive fat triggerfish came out after a huge fight (arms are gonna be sore for days). Excitement and action were over the top – we pulled a dozen fish in less then 1.5 hours using octopus as bait. Best part? The next day we had all three types of fish prepared for our lunch grilled whole – juicy and delicious red snapper, flaky soft white snapper, and slightly wooden and coarse triggerfish (the latter was more fun to catch then eat – supposedly these guys have a bite then can pierce your arm to the bone). Oh, and we also had one white snapper made into a giant plate of sashimi.