Marshall Islands/Micronesia: United Airlines Flight 154

This flight is widely known as the “ultimate bucket list flight” aka “pacific island hopper”. The flight starts in Honolulu in Hawaii, flies to Majuro atoll in Marshall Islands (5 hours), then flies to Kwajalein atoll in Marshal Islands (1 hour) – massive US early missile launch warning site here. The next hop is to Kosrae (1 hour), a volcanic mountainous island and the first of the four states of Micronesia Federation. Next is Pohnpei island (1 hour) and another Micronesian state. The next stop is at the archipelago of Chuuk (1 hour) – insane views of many islands. And then finally is 2 hours to Guam. The flight alone is legendary, with all the views and panorama of the Pacific Ocean. But spending time on some of the islands adds to the ultimate Pacific odyssey.