Mexico/Baja Sur: Bahia Concepcion

Going north up the eastern coastline of the Baja Peninsula, the next spectacular attraction is the Bahia Concepcion with nearly 50km of one stunning white sand beach after another. The road mostly hugs the steep cliffs offering the panorama of the crescents of the beaches below and the deepest blue of the Sea of Cortez. Playa Armenta is the first beach coming from the south and the most isolated, El Requeson is by far the most spectacular with a shallow spot of sand dividing a small bay. Further up beaches follow one after another – Playa Buenaventure, Playa El Coyote, Playa Los Cocos, Playa Escondida, Playa Santispac, Playa Punta Arena, Playa Los Naranjos, and more.