Mexico/Baja Sur: Isla Coronado

A daytrip to an uninhabited Isla Coronado Island off the coast of Loreto in the sea of Cortez is an absolute must-do – it’s nature landscapes and abundant wildlife galore! The island is dominated by a 1,554ft (474m) volcano and is covered by arid desert with cactuses. But the island has one of the highest concentration of marine biodiversity in Baja – is a sizable California sea lion colony (next post), and amazing array of birdlife – blue-footed boobies, pelicans,and much more. If landscapes, sea lions, and rare birds wasn’t enough – we also spotted a fin whale just off the island’s shore in the beginning of the trip and then a humpback whale on the other side of the island in the afternoon. And then some dolphins. Wildlife watching at its maximum.