Mexico/Baja Sur: Puerto Adolfo López Mateos

Puerto Adolfo López Mateos is way off the beaten path on the western shore of Baja, but from the whale watching perspective it’s an absolute hidden gem – it sits on the narrow channels separated from the ocean by sandy spits of dunes and grey whales come here to use the super calm and protected waters as birthing grounds and nursery for the young. The town itself has zero going for it – two empty dusty sandy streets, practically no restaurants, and a couple of severely dilapidated rundown motels (like the one we stayed at with a funky name Camaron Feliz – Happy Shrimp). The entire town lives off whale watching during the short spring season (and fishing during other times). The port area is packed with boats that take you out to see the wildlife spectacle. Oh, and it’s the best place in Baja to try Pacific lobster – 3 tails for under $20.