Mexico/Michoacan: Colola Beach – Green Sea Turtles

And finally the night fell and we went to watch see turtles and releasing little turtles hatchling. First we released a batch of baby turtles that hatches that day (an environmental group at the north end of the beach does that) and then just went roaming the large and Long Beach on our own, spotting 7 turtles either coming to lay eggs or leaving, and one was actually in the process of labor. And then we spotted a couple hatchlings that popped from the ground and we helped them to the water. And redirected some other that were coming out of the water confused. All these are green sea turtles – Chelonia mydas – (although here at the beach they referred to them as black sea turtles). A little research showed that the so-called “Black Sea Turtle” was an attempt to distinguish the pacific green turtles that were slightly smaller into a subspecies, but they both turned out genetically identical.