Mexico/Puebla: Cholula – Mercado Cosme del Razo

Cholula has an absolutely awesome market – Mercado Cosme del Razo aka Mercado de San Pedro – huge and authentic, loaded with local produce and meat and cheese and tons of other specialties. No tourists here and everything is for local consumption. Meat section was the most interesting – giant pork heads and slabs of pork ha gong everywhere, thinly sliced beef strips air-drying (local specialty, that later is grilled into a a very interesting skirt steaks), pork belly being deep-fried, blood sausage being made. The fruit and vegetable were also super abundant, including prickly pear cactus leaves that we bought and ate a lot. And you can have all of this foods prepared for you local style – we had freshly squeezed juice (over a liter of orange juice each for under $1), and traditional caldo soup with roasted lamb (also under $1). One of the best and most authentic market experiences ever!