Mexico/Sinaloa: El Fuerte

Nowadays, El Fuerte is a small town in the state of Sinaloa, but historically it was one of the most important towns in northern Mexico. The city was founded in 1563 byte Spanish conquistador Francisco de Barra, who came down here over the Sierra Madre mountain range. In 1610, a fort was built here to protect against constant attacks of the Indian tribes from the north, and the town became known as El Fuerte aka The Fort. This was the main gateway and entry point for the entire norther Mexico of Sonora, Arizona, and California and it was the most important commercial center and trading post for nearly 300 years for this vast territory. In 1824, El Fuerte became the capital city of the newly created Mexican state of Sonora and Sinaloa (which actually included most of Arizona). Today, the town is sleepy yet beautiful and designated as “Pueblo Magico” for its history and attraction. The main attraction is most definitely the square fort that offers panoramic views, and a great historical museum inside. Right nearby is the heart of the town with the Plaza de Armas, Palacio Municipal, and the absolutely gorgeous Sagrado Corazon de Jesus church.