Mexico/Veracruz: Orizaba

Orizaba is most certainly falls into top five of all the colonial Mexican towns – beautiful locate near the country’s tallest Orizaba Volcano, beautiful colonial architecture, plenty of old churches and cathedrals, green squares, and the best coffee in the country. The most central is the bright orange Catedral San Miguel Archangel aka Orizaba Cathedral and the Parque Castillo. Next to it is the magnificent Palacio de Hierro aka the Iron Palace designed by none other then Gustavo Eiffel and built out of 600 tons of imported Belgian steel in 1891-94. Further away are the Church of Nuestra Señora Del Carmen, Church of La Concordia, Church of San Juan de Dios, and several others. The town is super safe, full of life, with awesome cafes and restaurants, and enjoyable into the wee hours of the night.