Mexico/Zacatecas: Zacatecas – Museo Rafael Coronel

This museum was high on our “must see” list, since it houses a collection of 16,000 masks, the largest such collection in Mexico. The museum is housed in the ruined 16th century monastery, a beautiful labyrinth of semi-broken roofless rooms. There is a large collection of Asian art, Mexican marionette dolls, some pre-Hispanic art and finally you get to the mask section…. which is closed because of covid. Like many things related to Covid restrictions in Mexico, this makes absolutely zero sense and yet there’s nothing you can do about it. Churches are open for mass ceremonies where every parishioner gets to take a sip of drink from the priest’s hands (that’s safe!) and a mask museum with zero tourists is not (covid danger!), and even most open air archaeological sites are closed (seriously!).