Moldova: Milestii Mici Wine Cellars

Milestii Mici Wine Cellars are the world’s largest cellars and hold the world’s largest amount of wine – 200km of underground passages (55km are filled with wine) and over 2 million bottles. It is something to experience – you actually drive underground and navigate roads for a while to get to different areas – wine in barrels, wine in bottles, tasting room and so on. Wine storage began here in mid 80s, and there are tons and tons of 86/87/88/89 vintage wines stored here – 70% is red, 20% white and 10% desert. It’s constant 12C/54F temperature and 87-95% humidity, so many old bottles are covered in mold. The cellars are in the Guinness Book and deservedly so, it’s most definitely one of the top attractions in Moldova. And of course you get to taste these 20-30 year old wines!

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