Monaco: Museum of Philately and Coinage

Museum of Philately and Coinage was established by royal order of Prince Rainier III in 1995. The tiny Monaco is obsessed with stamps and coins and both are issued for pretty much any occasion, a lot of it dealing with the royal family and traditions. Monaco actually has been minting its own Monegasque money (the first Monegasque coins were issued in January 1640 by Prince Honoré II), before switching to euro in 2001, but even the euro coins have a unique design for Monaco (and highly thought out by collectors). Similarly, the stamp history is also very rich in Monaco and rare commemorative stamps have been issued for many topics and events. If you collect stamps or coins (or both in my case), this museum is like Mecca – probably one of the best in the world. And of course, you can buy coins and stamps here!