Montenegro: Durmitor National Park – Sedlo Pass

The 42km high elevation road through the heart of the Durmitor National Park – Prevoj Sedlo – in the most spectacular drive in Montenegro and one of the most stunning in Europe. The narrow singe lane asphalted road winds up and down to the 1,907 m (6,256 ft) height of the Sedlo Pass (literally meaning “saddle”). The scenery is unbelievable here – limestone cliffs and mountains, green meadows with wildflower, alpine lakes, sheep on pastures, and plenty of sharp turns and switchbacks of the road. “Breathtaking”would be a good adjective to describe the drive – move aside Verdon Canyon drive in France, this is more spectacular! It lies in its entirety in the Durmitor National Park, a natural jewel of Montenegro and a UNESCO World Heritage site.