Montenegro: Kotor (Revisited)

The medieval walled town of Kotor is the main attraction in the UNESCO-listed Bay of Kotor. From 1420 to 1797, Kotor was a major city in the Venetian Republic. The town is compact, surrounded by high walls. The walls stretch for 5km around the town and are 20m high and 10m wide – protecting the tightly-packed medieval town core with narrow streets, several churches, and beautiful squares. Much less tourists then last tie I was here, but still rather crowded. Tons of things to see here, while exploring the narrow streets – the immense city walls and gates, the famous St. Tryphon Cathedral from 1166, Church of St. Nicholas, Blessed Ozana Church, and half a dozen beautiful squares. For a better panoramic view of Kotor head just across the bay to a tiny village of Muo.