Myanmar: Yangon – Eating Hot Pot in Yangon

Everywhere around Yangon you can see people sit in the evening around mini-hotspot tables and dip various vegetables and bizarre meats and animal body parts into boiling spicy concoction. One can also go to a proper hot pot restaurant and try a more ornate version. You start with a “dry hot pot” – an actual dish of stir-fried fish/meat with noodles and veggies (in my case in was soft shell crab). After you are done with this dish, the bowl is filled with liquid and brought to boil and then all the “boiling hot pot” ingredients that you have picked out earlier go in – with the spirit of pushing the limits it included chicken feet, sea urchin dumplings, pig stomach, some weird sponge mushrooms, and more mainstream garlic leaves, pea leaves, pork belly, corn, etc. As all this stuff boils, you pig out on all of it, taking cooked items out one by one.