Myanmar: Pindaya Cave

And the final post from Myanmar. The country as a whole was a massive overload of Buddhist pagodas, temples, ruins, restorations, and statutes of Buddha in every possible pose (from reclining and sitting to standing Lenin-like with an outstretched hand). So it was fitting to finish Myanmar by visiting the Pindaya Cave. Located in the highlands part of the country, the cave is filled with over 9000 statues of Buddha, the majority from the 18th century. Every corner and passageway and ledge have golden Buddhas in them, mischievously smiling at you. Some portions are a total maze where you squeeze through narrow holes between Buddhas just to arrive at Buddha-stuffed dead-ends. At the entrance to the Pindaya cave is golden stupa where worshippers can add some more gold layers by buying goldleaf. Contributing to the ongoing goldenization of Myanmar, I was more then happy to add a few gold leaves of my own.