Nakhchivan: Duzdag Salt Caves

Nakhchivan has enormous deposits of rock salt (it is actually used for meals as well, rather than sea salt). The vast area in the middle of Nakhchivan is composed of rock salt mountains and hills and Dusdag is a man-made cave into the salt with a medical facility at the end. Apparently spending time in the ultra dry salt environment has beneficial effect for asthma treatment as well as other diseases of upper respiratory tract. Dusdag salt caves have been used salt excavation as far back as 3rd century BC, and salt was moved with caravans along the silk route. In the 1920s, large industrial salt production was established here, which continues in a smaller form to this day. During the Soviet Union times, it was a renown medical facility and sanatorium. Arriving here, first you see the endless badlands of salt hills and then you walk about 1.5 km into the salt cave underneath a very low ceiling, breathing the super dry salt air.