Nakhchivan: Momine Khatun Mausoleum

The main historic attraction in the city of Nakhchivan is the Momine Khatun Mausoleum. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site )together with a couple other mausoleums in the country). The mausoleum dates back to 1186, built by Shamsaddin Eldaniz, the ruler of the ancient Azerbaijani state that was centered around Nakhchivan. The mausoleum was for his wife, Momine Khan. Originally, the mausoleum was 34m high, and only 25m remain now, richly decorated with ornate geometric patterns and Koranic quotes. All inscriptions and ornaments are different in each side and do not repeat. Close to the mausoleum is the city’s main square with a large monument dedicated to the Karabakh wars.