Nauru: Nauru on a Stopover Visit

Having researched Nauru in advance, this tiny speck of a nation really offered nothing to see. Overpopulated, with 90% unemployment, 85% obesity (perhaps related), and only 150 meters strip of fertile land – there really was no point spending days at this least visited country in the world. Nauru has so far managed by on phosphate reserves (the entire island is just one giant phosphate pit, but now mostly depleted). Another recent income source is from “hosting” the camp for the illegal aliens trying to reach Australia. So all in all – it’s a PASS. Visas are required from everybody and only one airline serves this country (Nauru Airlines). Luckily, there were connecting flights allowing for 2 hours in Nauru, and with some persuasion and sweet talking effort it involved passing through customs and passing back, getting stamped as an official visitor along the way.