Nauru: Parliament of Nauru

Nauru gained independence in 1968, after being under various international administrations, including German, British, and Australian. A tiny island of only 31 sq km in the middle of nowhere, overpopulated with around ten thousand people and a GDP of $130 million its one of the smallest country’s in the world by many counts, yet it is a member of the UN and has its own president and fully-fledged parliament. The Parliament of Nauru consists of 19 elected members who in turn nominate and select a President from amongst themselves. The president then chooses four to become heads of ministries. There are no political parties in Nauru. Interestingly, in 1964, Australia offered to relocate all Nauruans to Curtis island off Australian coast and make the entire island (which was 21 times larger then Nauru) a freehold property of Nauruans who would become Australian citizens. Nauruans rejected the offer and chose to go the independence way, creating a parliament and a president with ministries and dreaming of enormous phosphate riches.