Netherlands: Uden – St Peter’s Church

The St. Peter’s Chair of Antioch Church in Uden (Sint-Petrus’ Stoel van Antiochiëkerk) is relatively new, from 1890s, replacing the old 13th century church that burned down in a fire. For a small town of Uden in central Netherlands, it’s quite a large attraction – the twin towers rise high above all the other buildings in town. Architecturally, the church is a mix between Neo-Romanesque and Neo-Gothic styles. It’s dome is shaped like an eight-sided cross, the towers are also eight-sided and one of the bells was actually melted from the original partially damaged bells of the old church that stood here. There are two organs in the church, one from 1906 and another from 1941. The stained-glass windows are elaborately ornate as is the dome. Quite a cool church in a little town off the tourist path.