Nigeria: Lagos – Lekki Conservation Center

Lagos is a sprawling megapolis of 26 million people, yet on its southern side there is large spot of land protecting flora and fauna of the endemic lowland coastal jungle and swamps of the Lagos Bay. It’s an amazingly pristine area with elevated wooden boardwalks taking you around the green jungle to bird hides, treehouses and pond overlooks. Endemic Mona Monkeys (only found in Nigeria) were plentiful along the paths, and I also spotted a giant tukan-like Piping Hornbill. And then there is the brand new Canopy Walkway, constructed in 2015. It is the longest and highest Walkway in the entire Africa, 401 meters long over 7 metal towers. It looks and feels much sturdier then the more famous older Canopy walkway in Kakum in Ghana, but is equally as thrilling and adrenaline pumping when you swing high above the trees walking narrow 2-foot wide hanging bridges.