North Macedonia: Ohrid – Ohrid’s Churches

Ohrid is often called the Balkan Jerusalem – there are over 200 churches here, some over a thousand years old. Four churches most definitely stand out. The most picturesque is the the Church of Sveti Jovan (St John) from 13th century, standing right on the cliff above the blue waters of the Lake Ohrid (it is most photographed, although the interior is rather empty). Uphill above from there is the Church of Saint Clement & Panteleimon, dating to the 9th century – a grand structure with multiple domes; and next to it are ruined of some even earlier Christian basilica. High on the hill close to the fortress in the upper town is the Church of Holy Mother of God Perivleptos – with amazing frescos inside! Finally, right in the heart of Ohrid is the oldest Church of Saint Sophia dating from the 6th century, from the times of the First Bulgarian Empire when it converted to Christianity. The frescoes inside on the walls and ceiling are original and absolutely stunning.