Northern France/Belgium/Luxembourg: Northern France/Belgium/Luxembourg Beer Paradise

Every country loves their own beers but it’s the Belgians who probably make the most varieties and flavors (add northern France regions and of course Luxembourg where beer making is an art as well). All over this region, seemingly every village, town, monastery, abbey, and household makes their beer – from heavy strong Chimay darks to amazing unfiltered whites to Leffe ales to every possible trappist concoction available. Every beer brand has its own uniquely-shaped branded glass only to be served with one brand of beer brand and type within a brand – so every bar has close to 20-50 glass varieties for their beer selection. And beer is drunk everywhere and all the time – every square and old town and castle and cathedral from early morning till… well early morning. In 2016, UNESCO designated Belgian beer drinking as a “intangible cultural heritage of humanity”.