Norway: Hardanger Apple Orchards in Bloom & Cider Breweries

The area around Sorfjord, an arm of the larger Hardangenfjord are world-famous for their apple orchards. Apples have been grown here by monks from as far back as the 12th century, the Hardanger apples are a distinct variety of apples with small trees and very high apple yield of very juicy red apples. The orchards cover the steep hills on both sides of Sorfjord, and many family-operated farms and factories produces world-renown apple cider. Like champagne or cava, the Hardanger Cider is geographically protected denomination of origin, and retails for double or triple the price of beer. We visited one of such factories and breweries – Hardangergutane – right on the shore of the Sorfjord with spectacular views and great chance to taste and sample the award-winning ciders.