Oman: Mirbat

The ancient town of Mirbat used to be the capital of the entire Dhofar region and major port and center of frankincense trade in the Middle Ages. Now it’s a quaint fishing village with several awesome attractions and old buildings (actually old merchant houses) that are slowly falling apart. The beautiful Mirbat castle stands right on the shore with sweeping views of the coastline and blue waters of the Indian Ocean. There are also two watch towers in town and a central square a ceremonial arch. It’s awesome to just roam around town and stop for a nice camel-meat lunch! Oh, and Mirbat is also famous for a battle that took place here when communist rebels from Yemen (sponsored by the USSR) tried to foment an uprising in Dhofar against Muscat and the Omani government quickly squashed it with a helping hand from the British Air Force.