Orkney: Highland Park Distillery

Arguably, one of the top attraction on Orkney is the Highland Park Whiskey Distillery, one of the oldest in the world, dating back to 1798. Highland Park whiskeys are world-renown for their unique quality and peaty flavors (only local peat is used in production, with Orkney peat having a very high heather proportion then other island and mainland in Scotland). Highland Park has repeatedly won gold in international competitions. Sadly, the tours were very limited and sold out, and some f the distillery floors were actually closed and off limit. So after walking around the premises, I moved to the Highland Park Bar in Kirkwall’s downtown, which is actually in the Guinness book for the highest selection of single distiller whiskies in the world – everything and anything distilled at Highland Park is available here, like 20 pages of the drink menu, with prices ranging to 1000 pounds per serving!