Orkney: Orkney Islands From The Air

Orkney Islands is an archipelago north of the mainland Scotland of about 70 islands in total, of which about 20 are inhabited. The islands are all mostly flat, rather desolate, with relatively mild rainy climate and hence a lot of green fields full of sheep and cows and occasional wind turbines (there should definitely be more of them). The Orkney Islands have been inhabited for over 8,500 years and some of the most famous albeit little visited Neolithic sites in Europe are here (coming in next posts). The islands are served only by the LoganAir airline, which is a monopoly for all of the northern Scottish islands (Orkney, Shetland, Hebrides) and hence is a bit overpriced, but quite reliable. Scottish-themed turboprop small planes – and you are in the air, dodging clouds and fog and landing at the Kirkwall airport in the Orkney Islands.