Orkney: Ring of Brodgar

UNESCO-listed Neolithic site on Orkney is the Ring of Brodgar, also a ring of stones, and much larger and in better preservation then the Stones of Stenness. The Ring of Brodgar is 103.6m (340ft) in diameter, although the stone pillars are smaller. There are 27 total stones standing on an elevated earth platform, and it is assumed that the total number was around 60. The site probably dates to 2600-2400 BC, which is several centuries younger then the other ring (see previous post). One can take a hike and walk all around the giant ring and the platform and even further out on the open grassland – the Ring of Brodgar is located on a narrow isthmus between two lakes, Loch of Stenness and Loch of Harray – offering spectacular Orkney panoramas. The meadows are full of wildflowers, and dozens and dozens of blooming northern orchids.