Panama: Boquete Tree Trek – Hanging Bridges

Boquete Tree Trek is a system of 8 hanging bridges in the mountain above Boquete. The hanging bridges range from 70-135 m long and reach heights from 10-75 meters above the ground. The bridges connect 6 trails that total around 5 km, making it a loop high at an elevation of 1,660 to 1,827 m above sea level in an absolutely stunning cloud forest. This is the only developed hanging bridge system in Panama, and given the length and elevation, it’s one of the best in the entire Americas. Some portions of the trails are steep and slippery, and the bridges and narrow and swinging, so it’s quite an adrenaline rush. And it’s an amazing chance to walk in or above the canopy, with loads of exotic flora and found. This is also part of the La Amistad National Park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site.