Philippines/Luzon: Taal Volcano & Crater Lake

Taal is a massive lake filling he prehistoric volcanic caldera of the Taal Volcano. In the middle of the lake is an island with two active volcanic cones (known as new Taal Volcano, it’s the second most active volcano in Philippines and has erupted 33 times). In one of the cones lies a screaming-bright green volcanic lake. And in the middle of that lake is a Volcanic Point, a small volcanic plug. So to recap – it’s an island in a lake that is on an island in a lake that is on an island – this is the only such third degree island/lake situation on earth! (Like “dream writhin a dream within a dram” from Inception). After driving to the giant caldera rim (up and then down), you take a 1/2 boat ride, then it’s an hour-long brutal hike to the top of the second run with spectacular views of the green lake.