Poland: Wroclaw – Old Town

Wrocław is one of the oldest cities in Europe with historical references dating as far back as 142 AD, when an outpost of the Roman Empire known as Budorigum was mentioned. Throughout its history, the city was part of many grand empires – Kingdom of Poland, Kingdom of Bohemia, Kingdom of Hungary, Austro-Hungarian Empire, Prussia, Germany, and finally back to Poland after border re-carving in 1945 (the city was known as Breslau in German). The historic old town is a UNESCO World Heritage site and revolves around a grand Rynek Square, one of the largest and best-preserved market squares in Europe. In the center is an absolutely beautiful gothic Old Town Hall from the 13th century. The square is lined up with rows of historic buildings. Further away from the Rynek Square within just mere blocks are St Elizabeth Church, St Mary Magdalene Church, historic University of Wroclaw, and much much more.