Rhodes: Medieval City of Rhodes

The fully walled-in medieval city of Rhodes is a UNESCO heritage site. High walls and bastion towers are everywhere, originally built during the Byzantine times and then fortified an expanded by the Knights of St John, which explains its mostly gothic architecture and arches, When the Ottoman Empire took over, the city grew within the walls in the classic medieval kasbah style adding mosque and hammam.The streets go in all directions and without any grid, they are narrow, lined with cobblestones and overhanging buildings. 6000 people still live within the medieval walls making it the largest inhabited medieval walled town in Europe. It’s a total maze and without GPS I don’t see how people could walk around. There is a clock tower in the very heart of the city, where you can climb to the rooftop to get the best panoramic views. Plenty of shops and food places and just fantastic people watching as locals go around the choirs ignoring all the tourists.