Rwanda: Akagera NP – Birds of Akagera

Given such a variety of habitats in the Akagera National Park – from lakes to wetlands and marches to forest to savanna to highlands – the diversity and quantity of birds was simply staggering. Lots of birds of pretty – massive African fish eagles near lakes and equally large long-created eagle in the savanna area., plus falcons, kites, vultures. Multiple species of ducks, egrets, storks and herons. Several species of kingfishers, including the beautiful woodland kingfisher. The beautiful lilac-breasted rollers everywhere, the graceful grey-crowned cranes in the distance. Coucals, drongos, mousebirds, goaway birds in the trees. Guinefowl scattering in the forest. Oxpeckers sitting on zebra, hippos, and giraffes. And much much more!