Saint Helena: Jacob’s Ladder

In biblical terms, Jacob’s Ladder is a stairway to Heaven. In St Helena – it’s a 699 brutal 1-foot-high steps that lead from the sea level of Jamestown to Half Tree Hollow high up above on the cliff top. Originally, this was built as a funicular to transport goods up the hill in 1829, but termites kind of damaged the machinery and it was removed in 1871 leaving only the ladder or staircase. It’s quite an exercise to climb up the massive steps and equally straining is going down since big steps utilize muscles that you never though you had or worked out. But the views are spectacular near sunset and the opposite cliff glows bright sunset orange so it’s all worth it! This is one of the main attractions in St Helena (too bad Napoleon didn’t get to see or use this – could have been a good exercise for him rather then gorging or arsenic).