Saint Helena: Jamestown

Jamestown is the capital of St Helena and the only point of entry by sea. The town was settled in 1659 by British colonist and for a long time was administered by the East India Company. The historic town’s core has many unique buildings (over 100 buildings here are listed as “historic from Georgian era”) and has an overall feel of a 17-18th century British architecture (or perhaps Gibraltar given the vertical cliffs everywhere). With the narrow valley location – it’s mostly one street (appropriately called Main) that leads past historic buildings and to the waterfront harbor. There are about 3 pubs and bars where locals hang out and sip on local gin on Saturday night, and even club where a seriously pathetic DJ plays pop songs without mixing them, while less then half a dozen youths attempting to grind out some moves on the dance floor as the waves crash in nearby. One night of this sadness was depressing enough (imagine how Napoleon felt after 6 years, and without a deejay).