Saint Helena: St Helena Food Recap

Most of the food on St Helena is British-influenced – like pudding and fish’n’chips. Two of the things are quite unique – the St Helena plo (a curry-like stew) and St Helena crab cakes. The fish is plentiful and delicious – some of the best freshly grilled tuna and wahoo can be had on the island. There is also unique St Helena ice-cream. Saint Helena doesn’s brewn beer, it’s most imports from Africa. The local distillery though lakes some ok liquers – Jamestown Gin (juniper from the central highlands), White Lion Spiced Rum (supposedly a recipe brought by sailors in the 17th century), and a truly unique Tungi (distilled from prickly pear cactus from the desert of the western shore of the island). The latter is no longer being produced as all the prickly pear cacti have been fully eradicated as invading non-native species. Alas!