Sakhalin: Sakhalin Food Recap

Sakhalin is surrounded by some of the most fertile sea waters in the world, and yet it seamed that the variety and abundance of fish was less then it was in the Russian Far East of Vladivostok. Tourism is hardly developed here, so there’s just a couple of quality restaurants and even they are still infantile in terms of dish presentation. But that’s not to say you can’t enjoy seafood in Sakhalin – you just gotta go down to the basics. The absolute highlight was buying a massive Kamchatka crab (aka King Crab) in a market in a small town and then devouring it right on the black lava sand beach getting all soaked in crab juice, all for around $10. The same 3kg massive crab runs about $40 in a restaurant. And in japan, this would go for around $250 at least.