Serbia: Deuric Winery in Fruska Gora National Park

Fruska Gora mountain range is 80 km long, that rises above the otherwise flat Vojvodina in Serbia. Frisk Gora is famous not only for its medieval monasteries but also for the tradition of wine making – several small and medium size wineries are located here with the winemaking tradition here dating back to Roman times. It was here that the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius Probus ordered vines to be planted on Fruška Gora in the 3rd century AD. We visited a winery near the Mala Remeta – Deuric Winery – known for making some of the best Fruska Gora wines, famous all over Serbia. While many grape varieties produced here are classics, there are also some distinctly local ones like Procupac or Probus. And of course, you can’t visit a winery without tasting!