Singapore: Marina Bay Sands

Welcome to the future – Marina Bay Sands is quite possibly the most futuristic hotel in the world. It is actually the most expensive hotel in the world with the price tag of $8 billion. Three towers have what looks like a ship liner (SkyPark) on top of them with an infinity pool and an observation desk allowing for unobstructed spectacular 360 degree views around the entire Singapore – skyscrapers to historic CBD to the Ferris wheel to the Garden at the Bay park below to the open ocean. You can only see the infinity pool if you are staying at the hotel but of course one can always “get lost” and “accidentally” enter the wrong floor. The views are absolutely surreal in every possible direction and you feel you are in the 23rd century. The building had shops, casino, skating rink, 9 restaurants, 2 movie theaters, and the aforementioned infinity pool. SkyPark is the world’s largest observation platform. The art & science museum at the hotel’s doorstep is equally spectacular!