Socotra: Endemic Socotran Flora in Wadi Dirhur

Socotra separated from the Arabian peninsula over 13 millions ago and most of the flora and fauna has evolved here in complete isolation (Socotra is often called the Galapagos of the Indian Ocean). A staggering 307 out of the 825 plant species in Socotra can be found only here and nowhere else on earth, a whopping 37%! The entire island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, primarily for the uniqueness and bizarreness of its flora. Strange-looking Dragon Blood trees, peculiar bottle trees with beautiful red flowers blooming in March, cucumber trees with equally bizarre towering trunks, Socotran frankincense trees, several aloe species, Exploring the steep canyon walls of Wadi Dirhur and around, we came across a lot of these species.