Socotra: Qalansiyah Cape & Beach

I am probably going to run out of expletives and superlatives describing this incredible place – Qalansiyah Cape and the nearby Qalansiyah Beach and the views of Detwah Lagoon. Limestone mountains give way to massive granite boulders and then absolutely stunning superfine powder white sand and then aquamarine and turquoise waters. This is an absolute paradise in the middle of the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea! Not a persona in sight, except for hundreds of yellow crabs scattering around the beach. Located behind the mountains separating this desolate beach from the nearby town of Qalansiyah, this place is truly magical in its colors and the infinity of its landscapes. The water color is downright insane – so blue and so translucent, like it was a dejavu of French Polynesia all over again.